Aluminium Tube & Aluminium Bar Supplier and Stockists

  • Worldwide stockists and supplier of aluminium tube and aluminium bar.

All Metal Services are global aluminium stockists and suppliers of aluminium to a wide range of industries including aerospace, defence and space. We have over 50 years of experience in the supply of aluminium and other raw metals to OEMs and subcontractors.

  • Aluminium bar and tube in stock ready for delivery

We are suppliers of aluminium tube and aluminium bar. We have a selection of aluminium flat, round, and square bars in stock available for delivery. The table below indicates the specifications of aluminium bars that we can supply.

Aluminium bar suppliers and stockists



UK US FEDERAL Ams Asn-A Product
Ams-Qq-A Forms
2014A-T4511 L102 200/2> Round, Flat
6082-T6 T6511 Llll Round, Flat
6082 T4 3097
7075-T73 T73511 L160 200/11 4167 Round, Flat
2014A-T6 T6511 L168 Round, Flat
2024-T3511 ABS5055A Round, Flat
2618A-T8511 3357 Round
2618A-T6511 DTD5014A MSRR8018 Round, Flat
2024 -T3 T3511 T8511 200/3 4152 3351 Round, Flat
2024-T351 225/6 4120 3058 Round, Flat
2026/7-T3511 AIMS03-05-018 Flat
5086-H111 3015/3018 Round
6061-T6/T6511 200/8 3277 Round, Flat
6061-T651 225/8 4117 Round, Flat
6061-T4 4116/4161 Round, Flat
7075-T6/T6511 200/11 3055 Round, Flat
7075-O/T651/T7351 225/9 4124 Round, Flat
7050-T74511 4342 Round, Flat
7050-T74511 ABS5239A Round, Flat
7175-T73511 3388 Round
7449-T79511 AIMS03-05-015 Flat

Aluminium Tube and Bar Added Value Services

  • Extra Services and Aluminium Processes we offer

All Metal Services offer added value to their aluminium bar supply and aluminium tube supply service by offering extra services such as cutting, sub-contract treatments and other special services. This way you can receive your aluminium prepared and ready for use.

  • Discuss your Aluminium tube and bar requirements with us

If you’d like to discuss your aluminium bar or tube requirements or you cannot see the aluminium spec required, call us on 01675 430 307 or fill in our enquiry form. If you are a visitor outside of the UK, you may wish to call one of our other offices found in the footer below, we are here to help you get the right supply of aluminium for your needs.maintains a comprehensive stock of Aluminium Tube available in various lengths, radii, grades, and wall

  • All Metal Services maintains a comprehensive stock of Aluminium Tube available in various lengths, radii, grades, and wall thicknesses.

Our range of Aluminium Tube includes aerospace QQ-A-Grades and AMS-Grades, with options for both imperial and metric wall thicknesses. Additionally, we can fulfill custom orders for Aluminium Tube, ensuring we meet your specific requirements.

When it comes to availability and delivery, All Metal excels. We have the capacity to process Aluminium Tube around the world. This allows us to provide cut-to-size Aluminium Tube with short lead times, meeting your precise needs.

Feel free to reach out to us for all your Aluminium Tube requirements.