Yellow Metals Supplier and Stockists

Worldwide stockists and supplier of yellow metals.

‘Yellow Metals’ is a term for brass alloy, commonly used for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant machinery. All Metal Services are global metal stockists, supplying yellow metals to aerospace, defence and space industries. We have 50 years of experience as yellow metals suppliers and are an established part of the global raw metals supply chain.
We stock a variety of yellow metals to UK and US spec, as detailed in the table below. These include Silicon Aluminium Bronze, Phosphor Bronze, Brass, Tungum and Copper Beryllium. We have a reliable supply of these yellow metals in flat, round, hexagon and tube products in stock and ready for delivery.


 Type  UK Spec.  US Spec.  Related Spec.  Product  Forms
Silicon Aluminium Bronze AMS 4631/4 QQ-C-465 ROUND
CuAI7Si2 C64200
Aluminium Bronze B23 (DTD197A) CA104 ROUND Flat
CuAI10Ni5Fe4 2.0966 HEX AGON
Nickel Aluminium Bronze NES 833 (DGS 1043) AMS 4590 AMS 4640 QQ-C-465 C6300 VARIOUS
Silicon Aluminium Bronze NES 834 (DGS 1044) CA107 ROUND
Phosphor Bronze NES838 AMS 4625 PB102 VARIOUS
CuSn5 C51000
Phospor Bronze DTD265A PB104 VARIOUS
CuSn8P C52100
Brass (cartridge) CZ106 C26000 FLAT
CuZn30 2.0265
Brass (leaded) CZ121 C35300 ROUND Flat
CuZn39Pb3 2.0321 HEX AGON
Brass (free cutting) CZ124 AMS 4610 C36000 ROUND
CuZn36Pb3 2.0375 HEX AGON
Brass CZ131 (DTD627) ROUND
Brass (naval) CZ112 C46400 ROUND
CuZn38Snl 2.053
Brass (high Tensile) CZ115 ROUND
Brass (leaded Muntz metal) CZ137 C36500 ROUND
CuZn39Pb0.5 2.0371
Brass (yellow) CZ108 C27400 ROUND
Tungum DTD5019 C17200 TUBE
CuZnBAIlNilSil CZ127
Copper Beryllium AMS 4533 ROUND

Yellow Metal Services and Added Value

At All Metal Services, we are worldwide yellow metals suppliers with added value, offering extra services such as CNC machining, sub-contract treatments and material protection. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll ensure your products arrive prepared and ready to use.
If you’d like to discuss your requirements, or you cannot see the spec required, you can call us on 01675 430 307 or fill in our enquiry form. If you are a visitor outside of the UK, you may wish to call one of our other offices found in the footer below. In any case, our expert advisers are here to help you get the right supply of yellow metals for your needs.