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  • Worldwide Stockists and Supplier of Steel Sheet, Plate & Tube.

All Metal Services are global steel stockists, supplying sheet, plate and tube steel to aerospace, defence and space industries and more. We have 50 years of experience as steel sheet suppliers and are an established part of the global raw metals supply chain.

We have many long-term partnerships with OEMs and subcontractors around the world, so our reputation as first-class plate steel suppliers is one we are confident in.

  • Types of steel we stock

We stock a variety of carbon and stainless steel and steel alloys to BS, US spec, German and French specifications, as detailed in the table below. We have a reliable supply of steel sheet, steel plate and steel tube products in stock and ready for delivery.



Carbon S510 SEL 1.1151 EN3A/CR4 G/P Mild Steel
Carbon S511 EN2A deep draw
Carbon S514/515 SEL 1.1169 EN14A
Stainless S527 AMS 5512 WL 1.4546 Type347S17 MSRR 6523
Stainless S532/533 BACM 11
Alloy S534/5
Stainless AMS5510 Type 321
Stainless AMS 5512 WL 1.5446 Type 347 MIL-S-6721
Stainless AMS 5513 Type 304 FED-QQ-S-766
Stainless AMS 5517 Type 301 %U MIL-S-5059
Stainless AMS 5518 Type 301 V4H MIL-S-5059
Stainless AMS 5519 Type 301 FH MIL-S-5059
Stainless AMS 5525 A286
Stainless AMS 5528 17-7 PH MIL-S-25043
Stainless AMS 5604 17-4 PH
Stainless AMS 5862 15-5 PH
Stainless Jethete MSRR 6504
Alloy AMS 6345 AISI 4130 norm. MIL-S-18729
Alloy AMS 6350/1 AISI 4130 ann. MIL-S-18729
Alloy AMS6359 AISI4340
Alloy FV607 MSRR 6514
  • Extra Services and Steel Processes we offer

At All Metal Services, we are worldwide steel sheet suppliers with added value, offering extra services such as CNC machining, sub-contract treatments and material protection. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll ensure your products arrive prepared and ready to use.

  • Contact All Metal Services

If you’d like to discuss your steel tube, steel plate or steel sheet requirements, or you cannot see the spec required, you can call us on 01675 430 307 or fill in our enquiry form.

If you are a visitor outside of the UK, you may wish to call one of our other offices found in the footer below. In any case, our expert advisers are here to help you get the right supply of steel for your needs.