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Worldwide stockists and supplier of nickel alloys and other metals.

All Metal Services are global nickel alloy stockists, supplying nickel alloys to aerospace, defence and space industries. We have 50 years of experience as nickel suppliers and are an established part of the global raw metals supply chain. We have many long-term partnerships with OEMs and subcontractors around the world.
We stock a variety of nickel alloys to US, German and French specifications, as detailed in the table below. We also stock stainless steel locking wire, carbon spring steel, magnetic aircraft material and soft iron in stock and ready for delivery.
At All Metal Services, we are worldwide nickel alloy suppliers with added value, offering extra services such as CNC machining, sub-contract treatments and material protection. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll ensure your products arrive prepared and ready to use.
If you’d like to discuss your nickel alloy requirements, or you cannot see the spec required, you can call us on 01675 430 307 or fill in our enquiry form. If you are a visitor outside of the UK, you may wish to call one of our other offices found in the footer below. In any case, our expert advisers are here to help you get the right supply of nickel alloy or other miscellaneous metals for your needs.


Type BS Spec US Spec (AMS) German Spec (WS.) French Spec. Related Spec. R.R. Spec. Msrr Gen. Eng. Spec. Comments
Stainless DTD 189A Locking Wire
Carbon S201 Spring Steel
Magnetic DTD 5092/5102
Soft Iron
Nickel Alloy HR206 5872 NCK20D 7036 C263
Nickel Alloy 5886 2.465 NCK20D 7035 C263
Nickel Alloy 5666 2.4856 NC22DNb INCONEL 625
Nickel Alloy 5662 2.4668 NC19FeNb
Nickel Alloy 5663 2.4668 NC19FeNb
Nickel Alloy HR5 2.463 NC20T 7004 NIMONIC 75
Nickel Alloy HR1/601 2.4631 NC20TA 7011/7013 NIMONIC80A