Aluminium Sheet Supplier and Stockists

Worldwide stockists and supplier of aluminium sheet.

All Metal Services are global aluminium stockists, supplying aluminium sheet metal to aerospace, defence and space OEMs. We have 50 years of experience as aluminium suppliers and other raw metals to OEMs and subcontractors.
We stock Aluminium Sheet to USA specifications and OEM Specific grades, as detailed in the table below. We have a selection of aluminium sheet thicknesses in stock available for delivery.


Specification Alloy Temper
USA AMS QQ-A-250/2 3003 O/H14
AMS QQ-A-250/3 2014 clad O/ T4/ T6
AMS QQ-A-250/4 2024 O/T3
AMS QQ-A-250/5 2024 clad O/T3
AMS QQ-A-250/11 6061 O/ T4/ T6
AMS QQ-A-250/12 7075 O/T6
AMS QQ-A-250/13 7075 clad O/T6
AMS QQ-A-250/24 7075 T76
AMS QQ-A-250/25 7075 T76
clad with 7072
AMS QQ-A-250/26 7075 T76
clad with 7011
AMS QQ-A-250/30 2219 O(T62)/T31 (T81 )/T37(T87)
AMS 4085 7475 T761
AMS 4096 2219 clad O
AMS 4100 7475 clad T761
AMS 4347 6013 T4
FRANCE AIR 9048.010/.030/ 2014 F(T42)/(T62)/
AIR 9048.020/.040/.050 2014 T4/T6/T451
AIR 9048.060/.080/ 2014 clad F(T42)/F(T62)/
AIR 9048.070/.090 2014 clad T4/T6
AIR 9048.100/.110/.120 2024 F(T42)/T3/T351
AIR 9048.130/.140 2024 clad F(T42)/T3
AIR 9048.150 2618A H28(T62)
AIR 9048.170 2618A clad H28(T62)
AIR 9048.190/.200 5086 0/H111/H22/H32
AIR 9048.210/.220/ 6061 0/H111(T42)/T4/
AIR 9048.230/.240 6061 0/H111(T62)/T6
AIR 9048.260/.270 7075 T6/T76
AIR 9048.280 7075 clad T6
AIR 9048.290 7475 T76
GERMANY 3.1254 2014A T4/T6
3.1354 2024 0(T42)/ T3
3.1364 2024 clad 0(T42)/ T3
3.3214 6061 0(T62)/ T6
3.4364 7075 T6
3.4374 7075 clad 0(T62)/ T6
3.4377 7475 clad T76
UNITED KINGDOM L16/17 1200 H4/0
L59/60/61 3103 H6/H2/0
L80/81 5251 0/H6
L88 7075 clad T6
L109/110 2024 clad T3/F(T42)
L113 6082 T4/T6
L156/157/158*/159* 2014A T4/T6/T4/T6
L163/164/165 2014A clad T3/F(T42)/ T4/T6
L166*/167* 2014A clad F(T42)/ T4/T6
DTD5070 2618A clad T6
Specification Alloy Temper
OEM Specific ASN-A-3001/3046/3047 6061 O/T4/T6
ASN-A-3010/3045/3362/3373 2024 T3/T42/T351/T3
ASN-A-3012/3042/3374 2024 clad T3/T42/T3
ASN-A-3043 2618A T62
ASN-A-3044 5056 O/Hlll
ASN-A-3051 7075 clad T6
ASN-A-3397 7475 spf O
ASN-A-3399 5083 spf O
AIMS 03-04-009/013A/022Al 2024 clad cmq T351
AIMS 03-04-010/012A/023A7 2024 clad O/ F(T42)
0352/037a2 2024 clad O/ F(T42)
AIMS 03-04-011A/014/031A’ 2024 clad T3
AIMS 03-04-016A 5083 spf F/O
AIMS 03-04-019A 7475 spf T4(T762)
AIMS 03-04-0242 2024 clad T4
AIMS 03-04-027A 6056 T78
AIMS 03-04-029A 7475 clad cmq T761
AIMS 03-04-030A 7475 clad 0(T762)
AIMS 03-04-033 7449 cmq T7651
AIMS 03-04-034A 6013/6056 clad cmq T4(T62)
AIMS 03-04-036 2618A clad H28(T62)
AIMS 03-04-038 2024 T3
AIMS 03-04-040Al 6013/6156 T4(T62)
AIMS 03-04-041A 2219 cmq T31(T81)
AIMS 03-04-042 6061 0(T62)/ T4(T62)
AIMS 03-04-045 7475 T761
AIMS 03-04-047 5086 H1ll
BAEM 0003/0004 2024 clad T3/T4
BAEM 0120/ABM2-6027 6061 T4(T42)
BAEM 0133/ABM2-6028 6061 T4(T62)
BAEM 0155/0196/0197 2014A clad F(T62)/F(T42)/00(T42)(T62)
BAEM 0163/0164 2024 clad T3/T4
BAEM 0194/0195/1005/1006 2014A F(T42)/00(T42)(T62)/T4/T6
BAEM 1007/ABM1-7018* 2014A clad T4
BAEM 1008/ABM1-7019* 2014A clad T6
BAEM 1009/ABM1-7067* 2024 clad T3
BAEM 1010/ABM1-7068* 2024 clad 0(T42)
BAEM 1020/ABM1-6013* 2014A T4
BAEM 1021/ABM1-6014* 2014A T6
BAEM 1029/ABM1-6015 2024 T3
BAEM 4001/ABM3-7045 7050 clad T76
BAEM 4049 2618A clad F(T62)
BMS 7-302 7075 bare/clad O high formability
BMS 7-305 2024 clad O high formability
DMS 2234 7475 clad 0(T61)(T761)
CR 2024 F(T42)/ T3
CR 2024 clad F(T42)/ T3
CR 2014 F(T42)/ T4(T4/ T6)
CR 5754 O/Hlll
CR 2017A F(T42)/ T3
CR 2014 clad T6/F(T42)/ T4(T4/ T6)
CR 5086 O/Hlll
CR 6061 Q(T42)/ T4/ T6
MEP 02-015 2024 clad O/T3/T4 high formability
MEP 02-019 2524 clad O type1/T3 type2
MEP 02-028 2024 clad F high formability
  • Aluminium Sheet Services

At All Metal Services, we are aluminium sheet suppliers with added value, offering extra services such as CNC machining, sub-contract treatments and material protection so that your products arrive prepared and ready to use.
If you’d like to discuss your aluminium sheet requirements, or you cannot see the aluminium spec required, you can call us on 01675 430 307 or fill in our enquiry form. If you are a visitor outside of the UK, you may wish to call one of our other offices found in the footer below. In any case, our expert advisers are here to help you get the right supply of aluminium for your needs.